Importance of mental well-being-an informative session
Importance of mental well-being—an informative session

At Cybage, the care of all our stakeholders is of great importance. This pandemic time has been a tough one for all, especially those living on their own. Being restricted to one’s home, being unable to visit or host relatives and friends, not going out into the open, and working from home; all this has been difficult to deal with. The Cybage CSR team recently organized a 'Mental Well-being session' for all its CybageKhushboo beneficiaries. The session was conducted by Dr Dnyanraj Chaudhari, MBBS, MD psychiatrist. He talked about the symptoms of depression, and when and how to address them. He shared some simple but effective tips on mental health care. We are thankful to him for all the valuable information he imparted and strongly suggest that everyone takes utmost care—not just of themselves but their families too—and get over these challenging days.

This too shall pass, and we will all come out stronger emotionally, value our relationships more, and understand the worth of our priceless freedom!